Another Antique Lover

It's the end of October. This weekend was a bit busy. On the Saturday morning we spent our time looking for materials and fabrics for our armchair project. This is a different chair project than the grain sack chair. I will certainly put some picture up later when the project is finished. One chair is done. I might put a sneak a peak during the next week. I'm a bit excited about the chairs my self.

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I spent with our godson. It was a beautiful ceremony.Little K was calm during the whole ceremony and my husband was sweating. He was holding him. But I have to say, it was really hot. =)The evening we spent with eating and chatting. Good times! Today we started the chair project. Exciting!! After one chair we had a break and went to visit my parents.

Last week, when my husband was in the army, I visited my dear friend Johanna. She also loves old furniture and vintage things. I had my camera with me and I shooted  few pictures of her beautiful flat.

Hope you all had a nice weekend !!


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