Feeling festive

I woke up early this foggy Saturday morning. Weather seems to be changed for good. I have to accept that nice and warm autumn is gone and it is time to face the winter. My spring/autumn jacket feels sheer when the wind really gets you. I guess I have to dig up my winter jacket from the walk-in closet. The fact that I happens to love my winter jacket really comforts me.

It is almost middle of the October. This month for me and my husband feels busy. All the weekends are booked. My husband will turn thirty, my nephew will turn two and out dear godson will be baptised in the end of this month. I'm feeling festive! Time usually starts to fly towards Christmas around October if it has not already started. So that means that I have to start planning a little Christmas party soon. For me and husband it's become a tradition. Every year we throw a party tour friends and it always has a theme too. I haven't thought this years theme yet, but I guess it's time. Last year the theme was Prom. We don't have Prom in high schools here in Finland so it was an experience to my friends. At least to get a hint of it. I was an exchange student back in the 90's in Canada and I had a chance to experience Prom. It was great.

For these up coming events I was thinking of wearing my beautiful pearls. I wore them on my wedding day last year. These beautiful pearls are from Hungary. My great great grandfather gave these to my grandmother in the 30's. The other pair of pearls are from the store VILA. I think i bought them last year for wedding leftovers party that I throw to my wedding party after honeymoon. It was good times with great friends.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

Hugs -S-

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  1. Hello Sweet Suvi....!

    I hope this note finds you well my far away Friend....!! THANK YOU so much for your kind comment recently when I was in the US....It was WONDERFUL of you to take a moment to come & say HELLO.... :o) !!

    Your pearls are BEAUTIFUL & I LOVE that they're so old & have been handed down through the generations....!!!

    We're having BEAUTIFUL Spring weather at the moment....I wish I could SEND you some....hahahahaha....!!

    Cheers for now from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Ihana blogi sinulla on! Nyt vasta ehdin tänne ja onneksi ehdin. 2oo. lukiaa haluan ehdottomasti jollain pienellä muistaa, joten laittaisitko sähköposti osoitteesi postilaatikkooni :)

    Ihania syksyisiä päiviä sinulle!