Zebra in the Livingroom

Hello everyone! Here's the zebra chair. I'm so happy that my computer worked today and was kind enough to download these pictures. It is snowing heavily right now. You can hardly see the christmas lights that I put out yesterday. I love the snow, but it is sometimes hard to live in a city when all the snow starts to pile up and you have to use the car to move a round. But this amount of snow gives me hope to have a white christmas, but you never know.

I have only two days left on my training. I'm so excited! I know that I will be back in January, but this christmas break is just what I need. Master's thesis is something that I still need to work on before the break but after these busy weeks it will be fine to just sit down and write. I hope I get my thoughts all together and also get something done.

I also hope that I will have time to start and finish my christmas presents and other handcrafts that I have in my mind. I sewed those pillows on the chair the other day. I had some Marimekko fabrics left overs. Here's the before and after pics of the chair. It's different and might be even shocking. Fits me perfect.
Hope you all have a nice day!


after makeover

before makeover

6 kommenttia

  1. That's a wonderful makeover! I LOVE the black and white stripes, and the pillows look so good with the chair.

    You did a great job!

  2. Great Job! The chir is so lovely! I love her new look and the pillow looks beautiful also.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words !!! You are too nice =)

  4. Vau! Tulipa siitä kiva. Mukavan erilainen. :)

  5. Hello GORGEOUS Suvi....!

    THANK YOU so much for your LOVELY comments....I can't tell you how SPECIAL I feel when I log into my blog & see you've popped in for a visit....YOU my Friend are a REAL TREASURE....!!

    Speaking of which....Your Zebra Chair is BRILLIANT....I'm both in AWE of your ability to undertake such a project when I KNOW you're so busy & ENVIOUS of your never ending creativity.... :o) !! This is what you call a STATEMENT piece for sure....! I WISH you were closer so I could commission one for myself & Casa SVJ....!!!!!

    Take care Lovey & have a WONDERFUL weekend....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)