Something Old

Thank you so much for your comments from the last post. You are all too sweet! I had my final exam today before my Christmas break. I have to say that studing for an exam was so much easier like 10 years ago. I don't seem to have enought time or just don't know how to use it right. Our trip to Canada is getting closer and closer. I'm getting excited. There is so much to looking forward and so soon. Christmas is right behind the corner and we are leaving to Canada on a BoxingDay. But I'll enjoy my Christmas first. It's been a long wait for all the mom's great cooking. She actually bought me this old book from some vintage store. It's from the 19th century. Religious book for a priest or something. I don't really know for sure, but I like it. I also had a great surprise again. I got my second recognition from Sanna-Pauliina nostalgiaa ja patinaa blog. That was really sweet of you. Thank you!

PS. Nice lottery in sellariina blog

Hope you all have a wonderful start to this week!


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  1. Morning Sweet Suvi....!

    CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your exams for the year AND for your SECOND award.....Yayyyyyyyy....!!

    I LOVE your pics....Both of which would look DELICIOUS in a vintage book....!

    Have a WONDERFUL day Lovey....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Ohh, you're going to Canada! How fun!
    I'll bet you are glad your exams are over. My kids will be. :)

    That book is great! The cover looks perfectly aged.
    Have a great week, Suvi!

  3. Olen kanssa ihan hulluna vanhoihin kirjoihin.. Muistan kun bongasin 1800-luvulta olevan ranskankielisen Italian oppaan pelastus armeijalta 3 eurolla, vähänkö lähti mukaan vaikken ranskaa osaakkaan :)

  4. Ihana blogi löytyi! Pitääkin jäädä seuraamaan :) Ja niin kauniita kuvia ♥

  5. Tamarah: Thanks for stopping by again dear. I sent you an email..

    Suzanne: I sure am happy, like a kid too =) Yeah I think the book cover was amazing. So happy that my mom picked it out for me.

    Sanna-Pauliina: Hmmm pelastus armeija ei olekkaan käynyt mielessä aiemmin. Kiitos vinkistä. Pitääkin pistäytyä. Olenpa höpsö =)

    Minni: Ihanaa, Tervetuloa ja kiitos kiitos =)

  6. Löysin blogiisi kommenttisi kautta Cosy homen sivuilla. Tämähän vaikuttaa varsin mukavalta!