Tuesday's pictures

"Tiistai on toivoa täynnä" (Tuesday is full of hope), goes an old Finnish saying. Well atleast it's not raining , yet. I opened the curtains and let the sun shine full up the whole room. I love the sun ray when it hits the furniture and gives your eye a new dimensions. You can see your old furniture in a different perspective So here is couple photos from the bedroom. About the old closet, I have to meantion that it is built by my husband. We found those old doors last summer. The idea right away was to build a closet around them. So here is it.

Hugs "S"

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  1. Aivan ihana blogi :) Löysin tänne tieni jonkun blogin kautta, mutta nyt en muista edes että mistä,hih.
    Kauniita, ihanan tunnelmallisia kuvia.