Only a plan?

I have to say, we are running a little bit late with our plane tickets. There are great friends waiting us over the seas. Our plan is to fly out from Finland on Boxing day and land to Calgary, Canada on the same day. Mostly our friends live in Calgary and Windsor. Between these cities are lots of miles. So we have fly to another. By buss it will will take three days. We can't afford spending three days in a buss, because the vacation is not that long. Three weeks is enough time to catch up with friends, if you don't need to spend any time for traveling from place to place.

I''m hoping to find some flea markets and vintage stores during the vacation. I heard from my friends that Detroit has a good one, but I don't know much about it, just location. One thing that gives us a hard time is the change of the kg's that you can travel with and only one suitcase. I usually shop till I drop so there is never enough room for all the things that I have bought. We also have lots of souvenirs to bring to our friends.One thing that I love is packing. Packing for vacation!! I can't wait!!

Enjoy your day! Here it's nice and sunny so far...


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  1. Oh, how fun! Have a great vacation~and maybe you can ship anything you buy home with UPS?