Old license plates

Today was my second day of lesson monitoring. I have to say it is always interesting to sit behind the classroom and observe. When you are having a class, you will miss out so much things that happens behind your back. Kids can be really creative. It is only 2 weeks and I will start in my own classes. I'm excited about that. These children will be on a 6th grade in Finnish education system. My class is also part of a Middle Years Programme, so that means teaching in englsih. Will be an experience for sure. My own field is Special Education.

My husband dressed up in army greens today. The government called him for military refresher. He will back on Friday. I already booked my calendar for great friends and dinners so I don't have to be alone. I was also thinking of stopping by at the flea market this week. Here are some signs that I found from flea markets. The power sign is from my husband's work. Still looking for more...


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  1. I love old metal signs. I really like the one of yours next to the clock.

    Your license plate reminds me of my grandpa's old machine shop. He had an entire wall of old license plates nailed to the wall, from every state.