Casual Friday

This week just flied by. It's hard to believe that it is already Friday. Weather is getting colder again. I can feel it in my bones and particularly on my toes. This is how it is when you live in a flat. Housing cooperative saves money by not heating the radiators. It needs to be really cold outside when they do start heating the radiators. So I dug up my woolen stockings. My mom has made these for me couple years ago. I always ask for a pair for christmas. I'm excited to see what kind I will get this year and how many.

I noticed that my last blogging was on Monday. What a shame! I have been so busy with my master's thesis. It feels like a huge project and it is. I still haven't found the theory for my research. My topic hasn't been scoped enough so it's hard to find material for it.

I was looking for our old christmas lights for our balcony but I didn't find any. Maybe I have to stop by at the store and buy new ones. The nights are getting dark and it would be nice to have lights outside. I'm a christmas person. The atmosphere is the number one, not the commercial junk. But I still want my christmas lights =)

Hope you all have a pleasant Friday!!


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  1. Cute socks!

    Good luck on your master's thesis. That's such a huge undertaking. My husband had a hard time finding material for his, also.