Hello Friday!

And the weekend is finally here. Hello weekend! I sure did wait for you. This weekend I will spend it with my family. My brother and his wife and my beautiful nephew drove down here yesterday. They are staying with my parent's. They have so much more room than us. But anyhow, I'm excited.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a chance to go his little sister's place and meet their new baby boy. He was a such a cuttie with his little fingers and toes. For some women moterhood just fits like a glowe and his sister is just like that. I wish them all the best.

Next weekend we will have our friends over for some chritmas celebration. It's a little bit of tradition already for us to have a party. Usually we go with all different themes, but this year it's all about the people, friends and just having a good time.

Hope you all enjoy your Friday night!


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  1. Tulin vastavierailulle blogiisi... Hyvältä näyttää. Olet tosi hyvä kuvaamaan, upeita kuvia. Antaa intoa minullekin taas jatkaa harjoituksia :) Nyt tutkailemaan sivujasi!