Where's the coffee break?

Good morning to you all beautiul, who has a time stop by at my blog. First of all I have to apologize, that I have been way too busy to post anything after last Sunday. There are so many beautiful blogs that I want and need to comment when I have a chance. I didn't realize that these weeks are going to be this busy with University studies and Speacial Ed teacher tranining. What happened to the  mornings when I had time for tea?
I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday! I have to pack my bag a rush to the school. I have classes to teach again. But before I go I want to tell you about this beautiful blog that I'm a big fan of. It's Suzanne's beautiful blog. She has the best ideas for DIY's. I love what she did to her old door. I think it's just amazing. Have a great visit at her blog!!

 Now I need to rush. Have a good day everyone!!!


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  1. Don't stress~all the blogs will still be there when you have time. Your studies have to come first.

    Thanks for featuring my project, Suveliina! That was a nice surprise. :)