EXcellent, EXhilarating and EXquisite weekend

This weekend has been EXcellent, EXcited, EXhilarating and EXquisite. I spent my whole Friday afternoon and night with my dear friend and her EXquisite family. We always have some EXtensive and EXuberant conversations. I love them. We talked about everything. We both have a same problem. What kind of lamps or lights to have in the bedroom. I have also googled for interior pictures and ideas for bedroom lightning. Usually they have beautiful table lamps or wall lamps for EXample, not dome light. I need to find ideas for dome lights for bedroom. Do you have an idea?

Saturday was also EXcellent. My mom and I made an EXcursion to couple vintage store. I'm always ready to participate EXcitedly to this EXcursions. You never know what EXclusive you will this time. That is what makes it EXotic. We had an EXciting day. My husband could not attend to this EXcursion because he had and EXam for is school. And it is always EXquisite to have a nice mother-daughter day. I will put pictures up later of the finding that I did this weeked.

Hope you all had an EXcellent weekend!



2 kommenttia

  1. Oh Suvi what an EXcellent post....Your EXuberant retelling of your EXciting weekend was EXceptionally refreshing....hahahahahaha....!!!

    Here's hoping you have an EXtraordinary week....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Hi Suvi~fun post! It sounds like a perfect weekend. :)

    Have you thought about a chandelier in your bedroom? If you get one that is wide rather than long, it won't take up too much headroom.

    Have a good week!