Lost luggages!!

Hi everyone! It's been for almost a week I have last updated my blog. We have arrived in Canada on Sunday night. The flight was long and boring. Our little TV's didn't work and all we did is watched around what everyone else was looking from the TV's because theirs worked. No fun when you are flying 10 hours. On the way here our luggage got stuck in Copenhagen and it took 3 days to get them here. On the last night we finally got our bags. Even the city got them lost during the delivery. It's been a mess. Tonight we are having our friends wedding. I'm really excited about that.. This trip had a hard start but it's getting better everyday. Hoping to have some pictures later on. Now I have to rush. Hair and make up must be done soonish.

Hope you all had a great holiday!!!


3 kommenttia

  1. Oikein ikimuistoista juhlailtaa. Onneksi matkatavaratkin lopulta saapuivat perille.

  2. Ihanaa reissua teille hankalasta alusta huolimatta!

  3. Oh, no! At least you got your luggage back.
    I hope the rest of your trip goes much better. Maybe your TV's will work on the return flight.

    Happy New Year, Suvi!