Happy New Year 2011 !

I finally had a quick chance to update my blog again. We are still in Calgary, but heading out to Rockies today. I'm really excited! All my pictures are in the laptop so I had to pick pic from the net just to get an idea what does it look like here at the winter time. The temperature is pretty much the same here that it is in Finland. We have had some really nice sunny days. On the 29 th our friends got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears and happyness. And the bride looked absolutely amazing. So I wish you all the best to your marriage, Joelene and Sal!!!

Happy New Year!!!! We had  fun at NYE. We had tickets to Aussie Rules, wich was a "pianowar" type of show. There were two pianists who played all the songs that you can imagine. They played together and against. It sure was a different NYE, but we had lots of fun. At midnight we had the countdown and wished all a Happy New Year!

So I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

Hoping to do some updating later so I can put some pictures from the mountains.


5 kommenttia

  1. Ihanaa uutta vuotta sinnekin "RAPAKON TAAKSE!" :)
    odotan lisää kuvia ja kertomuksia reissusta....

  2. Wau, onpa upea talvinen maisema. Terkkuja täältä lumikinosten keskeltä ja mukavaa lomailua :)

  3. Hyvää uutta vuotta ja mukavaa reissua :)

  4. What a fun time you're having! Enjoy it all, and bring back lots of photos!