Recognition !!!

I was so amazed today, when I opened my blog. I had my first blog recogntion from a beautiful Marianne whose atmospheric blog kissanminttutie is definatelly worth for a visit. Thank you so much Marianne!

It's been amazing how you all beautiful blog readers have had the time to stop by at my blog and your comments truly has made my day. Thank you all so much!

1. Save the image above and post it on your blog
2. Share the love with 12 fellow bloggers
3. Link the nominees
4. Let the nominees know they have been given the award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link the person(s) who gave you the award.

So here is my chance to introduce one of my favoutires blogs and give them this recognition. There are so many blogs that I would want to give, but the once I've selected have been supporting with their great comments when I started my blog. Some of them are far away from where I am, but still so close and engouraging. Some of them are new and small blogs, but so inspiring. Maybe this way you will have a chance to find something new and inspiring.


I hope you all have great day and up coming weekend!!!


5 kommenttia

  1. oi kiitos ja kumarrus <3
    tämä on ihka ensimmäinen tunnustus minkä saan! nyt enää pähkäilen kuinka, miten, kenellä osaan tunnustusta antaa :)
    Höpsöä tai ei, tämä oli hyvin piristävää saada!!

  2. Thank you, Suvi! This is so nice of you.
    I'll be out of town next week, but I'll be working on this so I can post about it the next week.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks again!

  3. Kiitoksia kovasti, Suveliina! Toit iloa minulle heti aamusta alkaen...

  4. Voi kiitos! Oli minunkin ensimmäinen ja niin merkityksellinen! Iloa viikkoosi!

  5. Oh Suvi your GORGEOUS Girl....THANK YOU for this LOVELY honour....If it's OK, I'll wait until after I've posted my prizes so I can sit down down & give this award the attention it deserves....In the mean time, have a FABULOUS week & enjoy your Independence Day....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah xxx