Sunday morning...

Here we have one of the reasons for my blog title. I did fall for this poor chair. My husband and I went to his cousins wedding this summer and on the way back home we stopped by at Hilta & Hulta for a nice cup of coffee. A beautiful old house from the 19th century, it sure was worth taking a break from driving. All the furniture in the house was for sale. What a treat to sit on an old chair for coffee and then take the chair home with you, and this old blue chair melted my heat. I just had to have it! I needed this chair! It needed a little TLC on its legs and it turned out great after a fix up. So beautiful.

I have had it in my mind for a long time to take this chair for a photo shoot. So on a Sunday morning both my husband and I went for a session. The perfect place was in front of the Turku Cathedral. A beautiful chair and beautiful church, it was perfect. We had timed the session perfectly too, right after the Sunday morning mass. We sure did amuse people who walked by us. It's always a pleasure to make people smile eh. When I was carrying that chair around some man walked by and took his shot too with his camera. Hope it was a good one.

photo: Toni Puolakka

photo:Toni Puolakka
 It started to rain after couple shots so lucky me, I had my red rubber boots

photo: Toni Puolakka
 So sit back, and enjoy this blog and fall in love with an old chair like I did. You may just find a piece of furniture that brings you just as much joy as my old chair did.

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  1. Kiva kun kävit ja jätit kirjallisen jäljen itsestäsi, muuten en olisi tänne ihanaan blogiisi tietäni löytänyt. Liityn heti lukijaksesi.


  2. Kiitos! =), Kiva kun kävit kurkkaamassa. Alussa vasta ollaan, mutta tästä se lähtee =)

    Terkuin Suvi