Last Minute!

First Chrismas celebration at my in-laws house is done. We are back home and in livingroom it's hard to walk around because all the suitcases are all over the place. Still the house feels a bit empty because our cat was left at the in-laws to be taken care of during our trip.

I'm a little worried about our flights. We are suppose to fly through Frankfurt airport. There is still a bit of chaos going on with all the canceled flights. Hopefully everything will be just fine and the weather gets better.

I made some last minute Christmas shopping today. But now everything is taken care of. All the gifts are bought and wrapped.

Tomorrow is just for packing. If we have time, I might bake a bit more cookies. There's couple new cookie molds that has never been tested, elephant and camel. We bought them from Indiska. I thought they were sweetly different.

Have a great Christmas! 


3 kommenttia

  1. Rauhallista, leppoisaa JOulua sinulle!!

  2. Here's to a problem free flight! No delays, no cancellations, and good weather all the way!

    Merry Christmas!