Two-Times Christmas

This morning I woke up with a stuffy nose. NO, not fair. I don't want to be sick on Christmas Eve. I want to be able to taste all the goodies that my mom has made. I'm hoping it's the drier ear that my husband's parents's house has and I'm not use to it. So this little stuffyness will not turn in to a mega sickness, at least I'm hoping for it. Fingers crossed. My in-laws llive in the old veteran house built in the 50's. They have made a huge renovation to it. I think it lots a bit it's charm but that's only my opinion. But it sure keeps the heat better inside now. They also have an old yard sauna. We will have a Christmas sauna in the old sauna. The thing is that we are having two times Christmas this year. First we are having one at my in-laws and on the Christmas Eve we are going to be at my paren't house. That works out great for us.

Today is the last day to send Christmas cards in Finland if you want to get them going on time. Will be first class price tho.

Wishing you Happy Christmas!


3 kommenttia

  1. I hope you don't get sick! Take lots of vitamin C.

    Have a wonderful 2x Christmas!

  2. Joko mä olen houkutellut sua blogloviniin? Teen sen viimeistään nyt :)

  3. Voi älä tule kipeeksi! Ihanaista joulua! :)