Plates for Porridge

It's time for Christmas porridge. Well, almost. We will enjoy our Christmas porridge on the morning of Christmas Eve. It's a tradition in our family, but most likely in many others too. My husband and I stopped by at one flea market on last week and I found these beautiful Arabia plates for only one and two euros. The other one is used a lot, but I just could not leave it at the market. It looked so sympathetic. Also I found two sizes of old Sorsakoski spoons for couple euros. I think it will be good combination. Brings back memories from childhood. But now I need to go my parent's house and get the other suitcae for our Canada trip. It's getting closer and so is Christmas. Perfect!

Hope you all have wonderful 4th advent everyone!


2 kommenttia

  1. Kauniit lautaset! ♥
    Jotkut jutut melkein vaan paranee, kun on vähän käytöstä jälkeä. On juuri sopiva sana tuo sympaattinen :)

  2. You find the best stuff!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip, and a very Merry Christmas!