Sunny Sunday!

I love the sunny weather. It's so beautiful. Finally I had a chance to sit down and update my blog. Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. And I apologize that I haven't been able to update before and read+leave any comments in your beautiful blogs. Sometimes you just don't have enough time for it even tho you really want to. That also means that I haven't have time to sew my pillows or do anything creative. Well I guess you can call Master's thesis a creative work. It just doesn't feel like it.

I had a nice week. Spent a girl's day out with a very good friend of mine. We made time to sit down and talk about relationships, married life and children. It's comforting to talk to someone who really understands you and is in the same situation in life. It's nice to talk about future plans.

My husband and I have been in Finland for a month now and we are already talking about when we are going to be traveling next and where. But I guess we are trying to save up this whole year and leave the traveling for next year. That sounds horrible for me and him but with all the plans we have been talking about now, It's time to save up. We usually travel every year and not always even once. It's a passion for both of us. I hope we can manage.

Last weekend when we went to flea market hopping I found these old Arabia's coffee cups. Both of them only cost 1 euro. The other one didn't have a plate. Hopefully I can find it later. The blue one is called Rukinlapa and the other one is the Diamond. So cheap, so pretty. I could not leave them behind.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. Upeat löydöt!!! toi puna-valkoinen on vissiin sitä sarjaa, jossa on korttipelimerkit..? hertta ja ne muut :D nyt voit aloittaa keräilyn :) tosi edulliset löydöt!

  2. i h a n a t kupit, tuo eka varsinkin!!! ja euron! vautsit! =)

  3. Olet kyllä hyvä tekemään noita löytöjä ja niistä on kiva lukea!

  4. Heips ja kiitos kommenteistanne!

    a kiss from the past: Juu ne on just ne Arabian korttipeli kupit. En ole montaa kertaa niitä nähnyt, mutta vähän haastetta metsästykseen ja kun onnistaa löytämään, olen tuplasti onnellisempi =) Mukavaa alkavaa viikkoa!

    heidi: Kiitos, oli kyllä halvat =)Mukavaa alkavaa viikkoa!

    selma: Kiitos kaunis, onneksi on välillä onni lykästänyt =) Mukavaa alkavaa viikkoa!

  5. Those are cool~very graphic.
    Good luck with your thesis. My husband's almost drove him crazy, but he did finish it.

  6. Onnea uusista kupeista! Kohta voit pitää kahvikestit ja tehdä kattauksen eriparikupeista ja astioista. :)

    Ihana ja kaunis viikko menossa, eikö vain!