I was trying to download my pictures of the flea market finds, but this program or what you call it doesn't want to work with me today. I have had problems with downloading too many timeas before this too. So this picture is from the "hall way". I took it last weekend and it was the only one that worked. So I have to try to put my flea market pictures later.

My husband's parents gave me that old street sign. I haven't been able to find another ones. Even tho I can see them all over in blogs. Someone has found them, but seems to be out of my reach. I also bought my first tulips this spring, but they were good only one day. That was a bummer. So I quickly put them in a glass jar and poured some water in it, so they lasted couple days more.

I haven't have time to sew any pillows yet. I've been working on my Master's thesis. On Thurday we should have something to show for the teacher, but I don't know how will I manage. I should make a list and put down all the things and esseys I have to do. Maybe that would help me with scheduling.

Today my plan was to hit the gym again. After a long break it sure felt good after working out. So I'm hoping to keep this gym thing going. I had a great start so maybe that will help. I don't have any big goals to achieve. I just want to feel better. But I think I have to go get myself ready to for today.

I wish you all a great Tuesday!


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  1. Onpa kaunis kuva. :) Tekniikka on joskus ärsyttävää...

  2. Minäkin haaveilen vanhasta tiekyltistä. Yhtään ei ole, vain vanha rekisterikilpi:(

  3. Heips Miia! Kiitos kaunis. Täytyy taas kokeilla onnea uuden postauksen kanssa.Joskos toimeis paremmin.

    Moiks Selma! Rekisterikilvet on kans ihania. Muutaman löysin reissunpäältä, mutta aina kelpaisi lisää =)

  4. Pisti silmään tuo mahtava tienviitta! Voi ei, melkein pieni kateus iski ;) Tuollaisia ei löydä mistään..!

  5. hauska tapa pitää kukkia tuolla riihimäentölkissä. ja master thesis..zemppiä siihen työhön. se on valtavan työlsätä joskus..

  6. Hei Fig: Kiva kun pistäydyit blogissani. Kävinkin jo kurkkaamassa blogiasi. Tosi kivalta näyttää.

    Hello a kiss from the past: Kiitos kommentista ja iso kiitos tsempistä. Sitä todellakin tarvitaan =)

  7. I like your road sign! We got ours from a friend who works for the roads department here. Maybe you could check with your department there.

  8. That's a great idea Suzanne!!! Thanks!!!