My sleeping manners have gone upside down. In the mornings, it's really hard to wake up. At night times I can't get any sleep. My husband goes to bed way earlier than me. I have even tried to wake up earlier than I have to, but I'm still up late at night. I just don't feel like going to bed earlier to just spin around. It's irritating. I know, I should start doing sports again. My break has been way too long. A good exercise would help me to get better sleep.

I'm excited about this upcoming weekend. Me and mmy oldest friends from childhood are finally meeting up. This year we didn't have a chance to have our annual Christmas party, so we are having it on  this upcoming Saturday. It's so good to see them after a long time. There is no bigger plan how we are going to spend it, but at least we are all together. Possibly a great dinner and lots of girltalk.

Now I should start studying again. Exam is on Thursday. Where is the energy that I need now?

Hmmm...oh, here is the old license plates that I picked from the Canada trip.

Hope you all have a great day!!


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  1. Oooh, 1957! Those old plates are great~the numbers are raised. Our new ones are completely flat and I really think they've lost a lot of style.