Recognition and Weekend!

It's weekend, again. What happened to last week? I'm not saying it's a bad thing that weeks just flies by and we are getting closer to summer, but I have so many things to achieve before summer is here that I'm starting worry if I have enough time. Last week was fantastic. Our dear friends from further away had a visit on Thursday. It was really great seeing them after a year. I know, a year, no fun at all, but at least we talk on the phone way more often. Their beautiful daughter had grown so much. She is so cute! Now they are hoping for a boy. That just makes me wonder, are we going to be the last couple to have a child? Everyone else is going on their second and third. Hmmm...anyways...

Here is the beautiful poster that I won from the weekdaycarnival blog's lottery a while ago. I still need frame it and I also got another smaller poster for just surprise. Both are beautiful posters. Lately I have seen these posters in many interior magazines. I love them.

I had a good week. I also got a recognition from Sari (pink pionies) blog. Thank you so much Sari! You made my day. I found Sari's blog not so long time ago and it's a beautiful blog. I was happy find her. You should have a visit also.

So this recognition had a challenge. You need to confess seven things about yourself. So here are my seven.

1. When I was younger, I didn't think highly of flea markets, but NOW I just love spending time in them and  finding new treasures. I love flea market hopping. I try to do it as often as I can.

2. I love to eat Fazer's red chocolate with Kick's ( black licorice) at the same time. I take a bite on the other and then on the the other. I love the taste of mixing up those flavors.

3. I eat liver casserole with ketchup

4. I'm addicted to my daily calender. I have to write everything down in to my calender. I can't make a coffee meeting with friends without a calender. I can't make ANY plans without a calender.

5. I have restless feet. I have to fumble and swing my feet all the time.

6. I can't stay in the bath or swimming because I don't like wrinkle fingers. I can't touch anything when I have wrinkle fingers.

7. I have a passion for old chairs. The "patina" is the most beautiful thing that time has done for the chairs. You can see the living in it. I love it.

So I'm giving this award, recognition to these beautiful blogs that I read on almost daily. They all have that something SOMETHING that I really love.

likainen parketti
jotain sinistä
absolutely white

 So I hope you all have a great weekend! Take care!


5 kommenttia

  1. Kiitos tunnustuksesta! Ihania kuvia taas blogissasi!

  2. Iso kiitos tunnustuksesta, piristää ja ilahduttaa!!! Tulen illalla vielä ajankanssa lukemaan nuo seitsemän asiaa, kun enkunkieleni on vähämmän hyvä, niin pitää ajatuksella lukea :)

  3. Those posters are really cute!
    I thought I was the only one who mixed candy. I like to eat popcorn and Swedish fish at the same time. :)

  4. Tuhannet kiitokset tunnustuksesta! Lämmittää mieltä. Sinulla on tosiaan kiva blogi kera kauniiden kuvien. Se 'patina' on ihanaa :) Voi hyvin!

  5. Kiitos kommenteistanne! Kiva kuulla, jos sain teitä piristettyä =) Se lämmittää omaakin mieltä. Oikein mukavaa alkaa viikkoa kaikille!

    Thanks for the comments. It's nice to hear if I have cheered you up. That makes me feel good too. Hope you all have great week!