It's Sunday night. Lots of nice things can happen in a short time. Yesterday my husband's sister and her family came over for the whole Saturday afternoon. We cooked together and played some boardgames. We had really nice time. I have to say that my husband's sister makes awesome chocolate cake. It was so good. We all ate so much that our tummies were sore.

Before they came, we went to quick flea market hopping with my husband. I was so happy that I made some good finds. Couple old Arabia's cups were so cheap that I just had to have them. I'll but pictures later. Today I was in  the gym. Felt good after a long break. After working our, we went to ikea to get some frames for the posters that I had in my last post. I also bought some stripe fabric with spring colors, bright green. I hope I have time to sew some pillows durng next week. If not, I'll do them next weekend.

I noticed that I have new readers so BIG WELCOME to you all. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog.

I wish you all a great Sunday night and upcoming week!



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  1. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog!

  2. Thank you so much Selma! I could say the same thing to you too!!

  3. It sounds like a fun weekend. :) I'm excited to see the pillows!