Simple feelings. Simple details.
Simple Tuesday.

Have a great day!
HuGs -S-

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  1. Ihana kaappi ja mikä mekko! Olen kaiken shabbyn ystävä eli toimii!

  2. Tähän on pakko kertoa, että kaappi on mieheni tekemä. Ovet löydettiin Keski-Suomesta viime kesänä ja seinät rakennettiin mummulasta löydetyistä vanhoista laudoista. On kyllä aarre =)

  3. Good Morning GORGEOUS Suvi....!

    I'm THRILLED to hear you're both back safe & sound from your holidays.... :o) !!

    THANK YOU so much for your recent comment re my 'career move'....I feel VERY POSITIVE about my decision & am LOVING the challenges that each new day brings....!

    Now I MUST apologise for not being around much of late....Until I work out how my week needs to 'flow' to ensure I'm being as productive as I need to be, I'll be all over the place but PROMISE I'll be keeping an EYE on you.... :o) !!

    I ADORE the pics in your post....The compostion & clarity are DELICIOUS....Can you tell I'm a little GREEN down here....hahahahaha....You need to come VISIT me & pass on your skills.... :o) !!!!!

    Well I must away but not for long as you are OFTEN in my thoughts....!!

    Take care & have an AWESOME week....!

    Your Friend in Oz,
    Tamarah xxx

  4. Simple, yet beautiful! I got something for you in my blog!!!